Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Live Life or something like it...

"When in my couch i lie in vacant or in pensive mood they flash upon the inward eye which is the bliss of solitude",....i guess anyone who has even had a close brush with poetry will definitely know what i am talking about,.....
Wordsworth, one of my favorite poet for a very simple reason (I'm sure even he might have marveled at what i am about to say...)he gave a lot of space to one imagination to run. People who having read his above line would definitely know what he is talking about,...yes yes the "Daffodils", lovely little yellow beauties, which with a background of lush green would even mesmerize even a bacchanalian. The beauty of nature is so intoxicating.
But lets come back to my reason for liking his poetry,... yes when he after his lone walk lies on his couch he is reminded of the scenic beauty of the daffodils which he saw on his path,..
Now when i use my imagination i feel this walk as life and the daffodils as "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"... so whenever we introspect we think about a lot of things but surely we tend to forget little joys which life throws down our path,... I write for i realize the its true we somewhere down the line forget and furthermore forget to realize that we have started making the same mistakes we saw the others make and had solemnly swore never to be stuck in that situation. But life's never was and will never be a bed of roses,.. until we make it!!! Yes we do make it a bed of roses but then can you sleep on it?,... What will you do if you cant sleep even if your life is bed of roses. Have you ever thought why do u always end smiling thinking about your college life? No matter how much u would have cried , fought etc etc,...but still manage to smile... The above two lines have taught me to appreciate the joys and beauty of one life and actually ignore the little bumps and bruises you get on the way,..

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